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Now stocking 18″ -24″ Cast Stainless Knife Gates

  • Heavy Duty Cast CF8 304 or CF8M 316 Stainless Steel Body, in sizes 2” – 24”, 26” and larger valves are fully fabricated from either plate steel, stainless steel or higher alloy.
  • Options
    • O-ring Seat – Buna N 200 Deg F, EPDM 300 Deg F, HDPE/UHMWPE 200 Deg F, FKM/Viton – 400 Deg F. Other – Contact Factory
    • Other Alloys – 310, 316, 317l, Duplex 2205, 2507,904l, Hastelloy, Titanium Other – Contact Factory
    • Mechanical Lockouts – Manual And Actuated Valves
    • Osha Gate Guard
    • Pneumatic, Hydraulic And Spring Cylinder, Electric Motor Operator, 3:1 And 4:1 Bevel Gear Operator, Chainwheel, Stem Extensions, Lever Operator
    • Packings- PTFE, Graphite, Kevlar, Food Grade, Other-Contact Factory
    • Purge / Flushing Ports
    • Limit/Proximity Switches, Solenoid Valves, Positioners, Air Sets, Speed Controls, Exhaust Mufflers, Air Tank Failsafe Systems, Air Boosters
    • V Port Inserts For Flow Control
    • Deflector Cones For Abrasive Service
    • Ni-resist Alloy Stemnut
    • Live Loaded Packing System
    • Specialty Gate Coatings
    • Hard surfacing For Abrasive Service
    • Backing Ring For Reverse Flow Or Horizontal Valve Orientation
    • Lantern Packing Gland
    • High Pressure
    • High Temperature
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American Iron and Steel Provision

American Iron and Steel (“AIS”) Provision

Recent EPA funding provisions for water and waste water infrastructure projects include a restriction against using the funds to purchase certain iron or steel products that were produced outside the United States. Specifically, the funding provision requires Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund and Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund assistance recipients to …

“…use iron and steel products that are produced in the US for projects for the construction, alternation, maintenance, or repair of a public water system or treatment works.”

This provision is known in the industry as the American Iron and Steel (or “AIS”) requirement. EPA’s guidance on the AIS requirement specifically mentions valves made of iron and steel.

At the time you request a quote, please notify us if the product you will be purchasing will be required to meet the new AIS requirement.

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Fabricast Is Compliant With Both MSS SP-81 & AWWA C520 Specifications

Fabricast Is Compliant With Both MSS SP-81 & AWWA C520 Specifications.

AWWA C520-10
Name: Knife Gate Valve, Sizes 50 mm (2 in) through 2400 mm (92 in)
Code: AWWA C520
Description: American Water Works Association. This standard describes bonneted, bonnetless and one- and two-piece fabricated stainless steel and cast ductile-iron body knife gate valves with resilient or metal seats, including tapping knife gate valves, for use in water, wastewater, and reclaimed water systems with pH range from 6 to 12 and a temperature range from 33ºF to 125ºF (0.6ºC to 52ºC). The minimum design pressure shall be 150 psig (1,034 kPa) for nominal sizes 2 in. to 24 in. (50 mm-600 mm), and the minimum design pressure for nominal sizes 30 in. to 96 in. minimum (750 mm-2,400 mm) shall be 25 psig (172 kPa), 75 psig (517 kPa), and 150 psig (1,034 kPa).
Type: Specification
MSS SP-81-2013
Name: Stainless-Steel or Stainless-Steel-Lined, Bonnetless, Knife Gate Valves with Flanged Ends
Code: MSS SP-81-2013
Description: This Standard Practice covers all stainless-steel or stainless-steel-lined, cast, or fabricated bonnetless, knife gate valves with flanged ends from size NPS 2 (DN 50) through NPS 36 (DN 900).
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