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Fabricast is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic and manual slide gate valves for various applications, including a large diameter valves. We expertly design and engineer our pneumatic and manual slide gate valves to the highest standard. Now offering lined slide gate valves.

FIG 202

The Fabricast FIG 202 features 4 piece replaceable liners. The side inserts are T shaped that mechanically locks them into the body liners. The liners and side inserts are sealed to the valve body with a special silicone sealant preventing the flow media from coming in contact with the valve body.

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FIG 215

The Fabricast FIG 215 is a metal seated, uni-directional o-port slide gate valve. Designed and tested to MSS SP81 and ASME B16.5 specifications. For use in heavy solids flow media – hd stock, powders, hopper bottoms or anywhere a cutting action is required to close the valve.

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