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Fabricast Valve products can be custom designed to provide economical, dependable solutions for your processing needs. We believe that there is no such thing as a standard valve or a standard job. Based upon our long-standing and diverse valve construction experience, Fabricast Valve can demonstrate a host of options and will customize the exact valve for your exact requirements. We understand the rigors of the fluids, gases and slurries that flow through your piping systems. Our valves substantially reduce downtime and maintenance costs and consistently outlive their payback period.

We expertly design and engineer our knife gate valves to the highest standard. From 2″ to 120″ in diameter with heavy-duty topworks and precision-machined gates our valves are rated up to 600 PSI. Expertly Fabricated out of any weldable alloy makes our valves rugged and dependable while other features such as replaceable wear seats or solid stainless steel linings make our valves affordable and easy to maintain.

From the traditional all-metal knife gate, featuring a metal or resilient seat, to dual gate, floating disk gate, sampling, slide gate, swing check, or wedge gate valves; Fabricast Valve offers styles to best match our customer’s requirements of cost and performance

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