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The Fabricast DBB FIG 145-UHMW, 40-MM, and 50-PS are highly engineered, high performance, double gated polymer lined knife gate valves. Serves as both a double block and bleed valve and a line blind. Designed and tested to MSS SP61 and ASME B16.5 Specifications.


  • Heavy duty fabricated ASTM A36 Carbon Steel Body, Packing Gland and Yoke. Sizes up to 48”
  • 6 piece replacement polymer liners. UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene is standard)
  • The dual seat inserts are a “T” shape that mechanically locks them to the liners
  • The liners and seat inserts are sealed to the valve body with a special silicone sealant preventing the flow media from coming in contact with the valve body
  • The full length body liners support the gate throughout the full stroke, preventing deflection and premature packing wear
  • The packing chamber in the valve body is extra deep, utilizing several rows of braided packing, resulting in a superior atmospheric seal
  • In the bottom center of the body, between the dual gates, is a drain and plug
  • 304 Stainless Steel fixed liner retaining rings are standard full port design, or can be made to match any pipeline I.D.
  • 150 PSI CWP rated – higher pressure rating available
  • ASTM A240 Dual 304 Stainless Steel gates fully machined and surface ground.
  • All edges are chamfered to extend packing life and to provide a superior atmospheric seal.
  • Manual valves are provided with a 4:1 ratio bevel gear operator
  • Mechanical lockouts are standard – manual and actuated valves.
  • Braided Teflon synthetic packing is standard 3-11 PH rating.
  • Locking fasteners are standard on all Fabricast valves.
  • Easily adapted to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder or electric motor operator (no welding required)


  • Liners/insert – Polyurethane 180 Deg F, Polypropylene 225 Deg F, High Temperature UHMWPE 280 Deg F, Teflon 400 Deg F, Other – Contact Factory.
  • Other Alloys – 316, 317L, Duplex 2205, 2507, 904L, Hastelloy, Titanium, Other – Contact Factory
  • OSHA Gate Guard
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Cylinder, Electric Motor Operator, Other-Contact Factory
  • Packing – PTFE, Graphite, Kevlar, Food Grade, Other – Contact Factory
  • Limit / Proximity Switches, Solenoid Valves, Positioners, Air Sets, Speed Controls, Exhaust Mufflers, Air Tank Fail Safe Systems, pneumatic Boosters
  • Seat Cavity Filler
  • Specialty Exterior Coatings
  • Bonneted Design
  • Live Loaded Packing System
  • Specialty Gate Coatings