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Repair Policy

Our standard repair policy dictates that items exceeding 50% of replacement costs (including parts and labor) are beyond economical repair.The repairs will only be completed at the customer’s request. Fabricast Valve repaired valves carry the same performance warranty offered by the original manufacturer for the same period of time.

Certified Testing

All valves are tested in accordance with the standards of MSS-SP81 testing procedures.


A quality control supervisor provides strict administration and documentation on each valve repaired. This, along with serialization, provides direct traceability for each valve.

Service Process

Fabricast Valve follows these steps when reconditioning valves:

  • All valves that are picked up for reconditioning are completely disassembled, cleaned, and thoroughly inspected for defects in body and structural material.
  • A product deemed beyond repair or not cost effective will be scrapped or returned to the customer (if requested).
  • Any worn or defective parts will be replaced, (For example: stems, yoke nuts, packing gland holders, seat rings, etc.)
  • All repairs are repacked with the specified packing.Gaskets are replaced to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • All valves are hydro-statically tested to MSS-SP81 standards and are guaranteed against leakage.
  • Repairs are painted and prepared for shipment.
  • Repairs are picked up and delivered at no charge (local only) and have an approximate turnaround time of 30 days.
  • Quick turnarounds will be accommodated at the customer’s request.
  • Total charges for any reconditioned valve will not exceed 50% of the cost of a new valve.Generally, repairs cost about 38% of a new valve.

Delivery & Pick-up

We are pleased to offer free pick-up and delivery of all valves in our limited service area (Longview, Portland). Special pick-ups and deliveries can be accommodated.

References available upon request.