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The Fabricast FIG 50 is a resilient (rubber) seated, perimeter sealed Bi-directional Knife Gate valve. Designed and tested to MSS SP81 and ASME B16.5 specifications.


  • Heavy Duty Cast CF8 304 Stainless Steel Body, Packing Gland, Yoke, Stemnut Retainer and Gate Clevis. Sizes larger than 24″ are available in a fabricated and welded design.
  • Full Port
  • 150 PSI CWP Rated
  • Precision CNC machined valve body and stem
  • ASTM a 240 304 Stainless Steel gate fully machined and surface ground. All edges are chamfered to extend packing  life and to provide a superior atmospheric seal.
  • 14″ and larger valves are supplied with a ball bearing yoke bushing to reduce handwheel rimpull
  • Braided Teflon Synthetic Packing is standard 3-11 PH rating
  • BUNA N seat is standard 180 Deg. F.
  • Locking fasteners are standard on all Fabricast valves
  • Cast WCB Steel handwheel (weldable)
  • Easily adapted to Air Cylinder, Hydraulic Cylinder, Bevel Gear, Lever or Electric Motor Operator (no welding required)


  • Seat – epdm 300 deg f, fkm/viton 400 deg f, ptfe 500 deg f, Other – Contact factory
  • Other alloys – 316, 317l, Duplex 2205, 2507, 904l, Hastelloy, Titanium, Other – Contact factory
  • Mechanical lockouts – manual and actuated valves
  • Osha gate guard
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic and spring cylinder, electric motor operator, 3:1 and 4:1 bevel gear operator, chainwheel, stem extensions, lever operator.
  • Packings – ptfe, Graphite, Kevlar, Food Grade, Other – Contact factory
  • Purge / flushing ports
  • Limit / proximity switches, solenoid valves, positioners, air  sets, speed    controls, exhaust mufflers, air tank failsafe systems, air boosters
  • V port insert for flow control
  • Deflector cones for abrasive service
  • Ni-resist alloy stemnut
  • Live loaded packing system
  • Specialty gate coatings
  • Hardsurfacing for abrasive service



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